About Me

     I love being a creative. I’m obsessed with words, color, texture, shapes, proportions, contrast and different visual perspectives. This is also why I loved working in the Interior Design industry for so many years. I have a knack for seeing the big picture of a room and how art can add to the layers, movement and energy of a room.

     Being creative is freedom. It’s joy! And as rebellious laughter addict, this is most important for me. Even when it’s kicking my ass and triggering my anxiety, I’m forever called to keep going. I’ll be 46 in November (if it’s still 2020) and it’s taken 25 years to build the confidence to call myself and Artist and pursue this gift with all the fire in me.

     I’m also a mother to a beautiful tween man-child named Vincent. When he was born I knew I had to go after this dream of being an artist. I knew I had to be an example of what it looked like to go after something with dogged like persistence, even when it looked like the odds weren’t in your favor. I wanted to be the type of parent who walked the walk and didn’t just blow smoke about “You can be anything!” I wanted to show him.

     This meant I had to clean up a lot of my own jacked up messaging I received as a kid (and adult) about who I was and what was possible for me. Well, dammit, here I am. And I’m still laughing and I’m still naive and wise enough to believe. If you’re here, by chance or choice, you’re probably on a hero’s journey of your own. I hope you find some inspiration in my work and see a bit of yourself from a new perspective. xo